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Our Promotional Calendar Ranges for 2019

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Allan and Bertram Calendar Range 2019

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Shipping Calendars 2019
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The Best 2019 Promotional Calendars for your Company!

Promotional business calendars represent one of the most cost-effective ways of keeping YOUR company details in front of YOUR customers for a whole year! Statistics show that well over 90% of decision makers with your calendar in their office will instantly recall your name. However, advertising calendars come with a warning - Start to distribute them, and you will not be able to stop! Your customers will demand their own calendar every year!

The vast majority of our customers who first ordered from us when we commenced supplying calendars in 1980 are still with us! In part, this is no doubt due to the old commercial adage of 'Quality - Service - Price'! Creative Calendars are totally independent suppliers, and we are able to offer you the biggest selection of promotional calendars in Britain! Links to our major collections are above. Ordering could not be more easy - simply visit the Quotations or Ordering pages!

We genuinely want your business, and look forward to hearing from you.

Still need more convincing?

Over the past 30+ years we have seen many promotional products come and go. This year's quest will be no different from all the previous years. It will result in the same cry - 'What's different?'

There have certainly been some 'different' goodies given away over all these years! We know, we've seen them - by the thousand! The initial impact has been "Wow" - followed within days by 'Where's the waste bin?' Even more items could be described as having a long 'shelf life'. Because that is where they end up - forlorn, forgotten, and totally unloved!

So it goes on, the search for the 'Holy Grail' of a promotional item with staying power! Now make an observation next time you visit the office of any of your customers. What items are really in use - daily? Your answer will contain all the information needed to keep your name in front of your buyers.

Promotional Calendars! An item that could truly be described as having stood the test of time - for centuries! There it sits, on the wall or desk, silently working for you - every single day of the year!

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